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Just for June – Our Annual Sheep Shearing and Woolly Workshops!

Sheep Sheering

We’ve got 180 sheep to shear this month, and our favourite sheep shearer, Clifford, is the best in the business! Clifford works at Warwickshire College but each year he comes back to Hatton. He’ll be demonstrating his sheep shearing skills and telling fascinating tales about the wool trade …

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16 June 2017

Baby Joey’s Jumping For Joy!

Hatton Joeys

We’re all very excited about our first ever wallaby baby – and our latest star attraction is absolutely loving the summer sunshine this week! He’s already a firm favourite with our visitors who’ve come to see him and his proud parents, Sydney and Adelaide, as part of their action packed fa…

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30 May 2017

Educational Group Visits

Hatton Adventure World Tractor Safari

Educational Visits at Hatton Adventure World Hatton Adventure World combines education and fun to provide one of the best days out in the West Midlands and offers a comprehensive educational programme to cater for key stages 1 and 2 . There are

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30 May 2017

How to Look After an Exotic Pet

Scales & Tales

Step 1: Research Before you even consider bringing an exotic pet (or any pet for that matter) into your family, research is key. You need to find out what your pet needs from you. …

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16 June 2017

Happy Birthday Scales and Tails!

Spiny Tailed Monitor Lizard

Happy Birthday Scales and Tails: “In my nine years of working for Hatton Country World I can safely say that my proudest achievement was designing and creating Scales and Tails 3 y…

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30 May 2017

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