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Outdoor Laser Combat Challenge

25 July 2017

Hatton Laser Combat Banner

Get ready for the ultimate outdoor activity that will test your courage and cunning to the utmost.

Our 40 laser guns are primed and ready for action.

Our battle combat fatigues are ready to be pulled on.

Our combat team are ready for live action every day during the summer.

And we’re ready to salute the latest recruits to our outdoor battlefield – will you be joining their ranks?

You’ll need initiative, daring and loads of energy to overcome your opposition and triumph on the field of action.  The names of our games say it all: Death Match, Domination and Capture the Flag.

Based on the battles fought in leading computer games such as Call of Duty and Halo, our laser combat challenges use the latest digital technology – but in an authentic outdoor arena where obstacles and hiding places abound.

You’ll need to raise your game to survive these tests of nerve and resilience – and you’ll experience all the realistic thrills, spills and exhilaration of hand to hand combat.  You’ll be ducking, diving and dodging your opponents, and striving to work with your fellow soldiers to succeed on the battlefield.  Will victory be yours?

Our trained laser combat experts are on hand throughout to take you through your paces and encourage you in the thick of the action.  All our games are suitable for children aged 8 plus and active adults.

Take the Hatton laser combat challenge today – for all action family fun at its fastest, fiercest and most adrenaline filled!

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