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New Animal Arrivals

30 June 2018

The lovely summer sunshine seems to be bringing out lots of new baby animals this year!  Why not come and see them on a family day out at Hatton Adventure World?

Our wallaby family is growing up well and we’ve now got two little babies – or joeys, as they’re called – a boy and a girl.  The boy’s a bit shy and still keeps jumping back into his mum’s pouch, but the girl is very inquisitive.  She’s hopping round and about more and more every day, and loves to see visitors! What do you think we should call our new little wallabies?  if you’ve got any good ideas please let us know.

Near our wallaby family, you’ll find our goats with their two new kids.  Wilfrid was very strong and had a good appetite when he was born, but Bruce needed a helping hand or two.  We had to feed and cuddle him and now he’s starting to get much better.

Bruce thought all the extra attention he got was great and he adores people.  So when you see him, just call his name and he’ll come trip-trapping over to you straight away!

Our pig families have been growing, too.  You’ll have heard the story of the three little pigs – well, we’ve got ten little piglets!  They’ve all settled really well into their new life in Farmyard Favourites, and are especially happy when they can find some lovely squelchy mud to roll around in.

When you take our tractor ride through the fields, you should also be able to spot the latest addition to our happy herd of Longhorn cattle – they’ve just had a new baby calf who’s loving all the long lazy days of sunshine.

Last – but definitely not least – don’t forget to say g’day to Rex, our new Australian Rankin’s Dragon.  Despite his grand sounding name, he was just 3 inches long when he was born, and he’ll eventually grow to three times that size.  Rex will be one of the stars of our Scales & Tails handling sessions.

So come and see Hatton’s new animal arrivals soon and join in with all the fantastic family fun – they can’t wait to meet you!

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