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Critter Carnival

Weekends until 4th Feb

Escape the Great British Weather and visit us for all day UNDERCOVER FUN!

🐴 NEW Pony Grooming: Discover the joy of pampering and bonding with these majestic creatures.

🐹 Guinea Pig Care & Handling: Learn the art of caring for and handling these adorable furballs.

🦎 Scales & Tails: Enter a realm of reptilian wonders! Get up close and personal with some incredible cold-blooded friends.

🎉 Soft Play Super Mania: Let the little ones unleash their energy in a paradise of soft play extravagance. It’s a haven of fun, laughter, and boundless excitement!

🎪 Zoobee’s Family Fun Show: Join Zoobee and friends for a spectacle of joy and entertainment!

Why wait? Embrace the magic and discover a world of excitement. Scroll down to reveal the full program 🌈🎁✨


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