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Health & Safety

Essential Information


  • Hand washing facilities are accessible at the Adventure Farm.
  • An undercover lunch area is available and there are also picnic areas.
  • Fully trained first aiders are available.
  • General facilities include toilets with disabled access, a restaurant, ice creams, souvenirs, baby changing facilities and free coach and car parking.
  • Health and Safety advice sheets provided to Teachers and Group Leaders.
  • Hatton Risk Assessment with free familiarisation visit to complete own assessment.

Groups & School Procedures

During your visit, health and safety is of up most importance to us.

Prior to your visit you will receive health and safety information that outlines some of these points:

  • It is essential that teachers and helpers co-operate with our staff in closely supervising the children at all times.
  • Suitable outdoor clothing should be worn – including sturdy footwear, we also suggest that the children bring a pair of clean shoes that can be changed into before going home.
  • Hand washing – should be explained to the children before the visit how to properly wash their hands (wet hands first, plenty of soap, plenty of running water and dry hands with towel provided)
  • Precautions include: children must not put their hands in their mouths when coming into contact with the animals, teachers must supervise children when in direct contact with the animals, if manure comes into contact with skin it must be immediately washed off, cuts or wounds must be covered over with a plaster before the visit and pregnant ladies should avoid contact with lambs and sheep.
  • Farms can be incredibly dusty and allergy suffers need to be aware of this prior to the visit.

Farms are not sterile places, therefore it is possible for diseases to be present that can affect humans. However, all the experts agree that by following basic hygiene procedures farm visits are safe. On the day the guide will reiterate these points and help you to remember hand washing etc.

We also do risk assessments yearly for the whole of the site, and there is a school group visit risk assessment available on our website, but we do suggest that group leaders visit the site prior to your visit to do your own risk assessment (which we allow free of charge).

Your guides will go through the health and safety check sheet with the whole group before you set off – and will try to make it as interesting to the children as possible!

There are adequate hand washing facilities on site, if you are with a guide they will ensure that the children wash their hands after feeding the animals and before eating lunch – and before you go home.

There are also toilets on site both in our indoor soft play area, Superslide Mania and outside farmyard favourites

On arrival you will be allocated an undercover area or a picnic area for your lunch. Should you need it an area where you can leave lunch bags can also be provided. We also have disabled facilities and access for disabled users.

Should any children get lost during the day they will be taken to admissions by a member of staff and an announcement made.

We have fully trained first aiders on site at all times.

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